Why is IPL rated higher than PSL?

With PSL (Pakistan Super Leage) being already  started there is a lot of excitement in the cricket world,especially in Pakistan. So, here is a comparison that proves why is Why is IPL rated higher than PSL?Why is IPL rated higher than PSL?

  1. Market Value of the Leagues and the budget(as of 2017)

The most important factor of judging a product is its value. Being a cricket league, the market value matters a lot. The estimated value of PSL is around 300 million US dollars  and IPL has a whooping value of 5300 million US dollars. The value of IPL is about 1600% more than that of PSL.

Eventually, that the Market esteem is high, in the end the establishment will pay better cost for the players, In PSL 2018 the most generously compensated Pakistan player was Brendon Mccullum who got he got US $500,000 and in IPL 2018 Ben Stokes got paid $125 million which is a lot more than what PSL had.

2. Number Of Teams & Matches and Viewership:



PSL added a new franchise in 2018, which made a total of 6 teams with 30 League matches and In IPL 2018 there will be about 60 matches (which is double) and 8 teams. IPL having more matches and teams is another reason for a good fight for championship and entertainment to people.

This affects the viewership as well. Statstically, IPL 2017 received 1250 Million impressions for all the matches combined and PSL 2017 had only 100 Million Impressions in the entire season.

3. Star Players

IPL has more accomodation for players and has some of the best star players – AB De Villiers, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle, Malinga, Shane Watson, Ben Stokes, Yuvraj Singh and the list goes on. (Virat Kohli is considered the best player and most loved cricket star). Pakistani players are not allowed in IPL.

Unfortunately, PSL has just 6 teams and there is less oppurtunity to get highly demanded players.Indian players are mot allowed in PSL and therefore they lose players like MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli.

4. Prize Money for Champions

The Prize Money for the IPL champions are also much more than that of PSL champions. The winning amount in PSL 2018 for the champions was US $1 Million and the winners of IPL 2018 will get US $6.2 Million.

5. Operational Profit  & Media Rights:

The Net Operational Profit of PSL 2017 was around US $1 Million and IPL got a benefit of US $31.2 Million is 2017.

The Media rights is the main thing that Pakistan Super League is getting some benefit in their kitty, the estimation of PSL media rights was about US $15 Million for a long time and IPL 2017 media right was sold to Star Network for US $2.55 Billion for a long time.

6. Sponsors

The title patron of PSL is HBL which pays for the sponsorship measure of PKR 21 Crore (Annually) for a time of 3 years and the title Sponsor of IPL VIVO pay a gigantic sponsorship measure of ₹2199 Crore for a time of 5 years, which is roughly 10000% all the more then PSL every year.



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